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9:00 PM-3:00 AM


Video Pool


  • Accessible


Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG)
300 Memorial Blvd
R3C 0N3

Dancers In The Dark

Dancers in The Dark is a collaborative project developed by Matt Smith and in conjunction with YoungLungs Dance Exchange and the WAG. YLDE will perform movement, captured on video, that will be transcoded into a laser show and triggered by music on the wall of the Winnipeg Art Gallery during Nuit Blanche 2017.

Sept.26-27, Matt will conduct a workshop at Video Pool Media Arts Centre on ‘Creative Interfacing with Lasers’ where participants will create a collaborative laser artwork that will show in Eckhardt Hall at the WAG. Please see: http://www.videopool.org/lasers-with-matt-smith/ for more workshop information.

THANKS TO THE WINNIPEG FOUNDATION for supporting this project and WINNIPEG ART GALLERY / YOUNGLUNGS DANCE EXCHANGE for collaborating with us.