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9:00 PM-4:00 AM


Lawrence Bird

Winnipeg Arts Council


  • Accessible


Red River College – Roblin Centre
160 Princess Street
R3B 1K9

Dominion: 16 Trajectories

Winnipeg-based urban designer, architect, and visual artist, Lawrence Bird, will project satellite and moving images harvested from 16 trajectories across the prairie landscape. The images are projection-mapped, with accompanying audio, and explore how we have demarcated and divided the prairies for colonization and profit — yet the prairies (and their image) fight back.

Passersby will see flows of moving imagery – captured from digital mapping platforms at satellite, aerial, and ground-level – along with accompanying audio.

“16 Trajectories” is part of the larger project “Dominion,” supported by the Canada Council and Winnipeg Arts Council, which uses satellite images to explore landscapes marked by the Dominion Land Survey. That’s the 19th-century survey that cut up the prairie: a strict grid disrupted back then (and today) by rivers, floods, surveying errors, and contradictory claims to the land. Like its digital image, the landscape depicted in “16 Trajectories” and “Dominion” is full of anomalies, breaks, gaps … glitches.

Dominion: 16 Trajectories is an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.