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6:00 PM-12:00 AM


ÉZÈ Studio


  • Accessible
  • Washrooms


Cercle Molière
340 Provencher Blvd,
R2H 0G7

ÉZÈ STUDIO presents: Living Colour

ÉZÈ STUDIO is a Canada-based design and media company created by and for black artists and leaders in Canada. We share our stories, our talents and create unique content that celebrates the diversity within African cultures and black identity.

This year, at Nuit Blanche, come see the creators behind the culture in Winnipeg’s black community. Living Colour is a live cultural venue that showcases the talents of local black artists of various disciplines. Watch live musical performances, painters in action, models showing off the latest in Afro-cultural fashion and more. The night will cycle between different themed events so there’ll always be something new to see.