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6:00 PM-2:00 AM


Cool Gardens

Storefront Manitoba


The Forks
1 Forks Market Road
R3C 4Y3

Floating Flowers by Hugo Bertrand & Noel Picaper

Nestled on a hill facing the Red River under the Esplanade Riel bridge, Floating Flowers appears like a forest of thin white flowers, from different heights and shapes, shining, singing and waving following the wind flow. Each flower is made of a folded white steel sheet and a threaded rod. Floating Flowers explores the boundaries between an artificial object and the natural context.

Cool Gardens is a public exhibition of contemporary garden and art installations offering a shift of sensation for the summer—cooling—as a general theme for public projects in the downtown, bringing architects, designers, landscape architects, and artists together to celebrate contemporary garden culture and the local landscape.