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6:00 PM-2:00 AM



Winnipeg Arts Council


  • Accessible
  • Beverages
  • Washrooms


Little Brown Jug Brewing
336 William Ave
R3A 0H7


Homes, is a collaborative interactive video installation the public can immerse themselves into two landscapes; Kristin Snowbird’s birthplace of Pine Creek and Theo Pelmus’ home of Romania. The landscapes created will be made up of two projections that are recreated through the artists’ memory and words.

There will be a rocking horse that incorporates wireless technology, which the public can control the projection’s images and sound. The projection will consist of the landscapes from each home, Ojibwe and Romanian, words in Ojibwe, Salteaux and Romanian language and photos.

Attendees can be an active participant on how he/she/ they want to hear our reconstruction of homes. A home is not only a place where one is born in but also a place in which in adulthood one can feel home after moving away from home.

Through the Homes project, artists PelmuSnow will invite audiences into their homes, our place of birth, to our families and connect emotionally and metaphorically with people they don’t know.

Homes is an Illuminate the Night, Open Calls Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.