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5:59 PM-4:00 PM


Winnipeg Arts Council

Lateral Office

CS Design


Old Market Square
124 King Street
R3B 1H9

Impulse presented by Winnipeg Arts Council

The Winnipeg Arts Council presents Impulse, a publicly activated light and sound experience made up of a series of interactive illuminated seesaws. When put into motion by people the seesaws form units of light and sound to create an ever-changing composition powered by play. Impulse is an urban instrument that makes the public the musicians and artists. By playing on the seesaws, you create a dynamic light and sound wave giving a pulse to the urban atmosphere.

Impulse will be installed from September 29 until October 3, 2018. 


Impulse is a feature project of Nuit Blanche Winnipeg funded by our Producing Partner Winnipeg Arts Council.

Created by Lateral Office and CS Design (Toronto, ON)

Produced by Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (Montreal, QC)

Presented by Winnipeg Arts Council (Winnipeg, MB)