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8:00 PM-2:30 AM


Julie Cosgrove

Riaz Mehmood

Winnipeg Arts Council


  • Accessible
  • Beverages
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  • Washrooms


Rudy’s Eat and Drink
375 Graham Ave
R3C 0H6

Mapping People

Mapping People is a new-media interactive projection where viewers trigger a triangulated map through their presence in space, generating a real time drawing that continually evolves.
This installation is a participant driven projection that aims to engage imagined and real space through movement, and explores the potential for exchanges and new experiences.
The concept behind this project stems from the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle that is encouraged in outdoor recreation. For more than a decade, Julie Cos grove led canoeing expeditions in some of the most remote wilderness areas of Northern Ontario where she experienced the impact of navigating the landscape in both a
physical and symbolic context. While the concept of ‘leave no trace’ promotes appreciation and respect for the planet by minimizing impacts, it is also not entirely possible.
This project documents an experiential trace where the audience and their collective experience will draw a path and record a journey. An individual mark is made, but many paths cross over, accumulating over time and eventually dissolving. With one person in the path, an individual map is drawn, but when more than one person is in range, the drawing modifies itself to include whoever is present. This incites a digital interaction even if no word or physical contact is exchanged between viewers or participants. Without the audience, the projection remains dormant with only the points of the last visitors, waiting for the space to be activated once again.
The projection and drawing expands and diminishes with the crowds and the varying gestures of excitement or stillness.
 It responds to the chemistry between imagination and technology by revealing a visually mesmerizing drawing that maps our collective trace, but also seeks to engage the imprint of one another in a real sense, even if it is fleeting.
Mapping People is an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.