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6:00 PM-2:00 AM


Rainbow Trout Music Festival

Natural Cycleworks


Winnipeg Centre Vineyard
782 Main Street
R2W 3N4

Nuit Blanche Bike Jam

The Bike Jam is a monthly group bicycle ride led through the streets of Winnipeg. As we ride, we augment the city around us. Join hundreds of fellow cyclists and explore the many exciting events of Nuit Blanche together.

We provide the soundtrack, and you provide the lights! Lets become a moving art piece as a tribute to our vibrant community. Kick off party and launch point provided by Synonym Art Consultation. 782 Main st. Music from Faouzia, Super Duty Tough Work, and DJ Shub The Bike Jam is brought to you by the Rainbow Trout Music Festival and Natural Cycleworks. Sound by Rudolph and Sumguy Ent.


Muster point is 782 Main st. We have an amazing kick off party starting at 6 p.m.