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6:00 PM-4:00 AM


Lyla Rye


  • Accessible


Manitoba Museum
190 Rupert Avenue
R3B 0N3

Overshadow 1

Inspired by the space-age design and utopian aspirations of the 1970’s, Overshadow, by Toronto artist Lyla Rye, re-imagines an iconic geodesic dome as a planet in a strange eclipse. The illusion created obscures this vision of the future with images of contemporary life shot by the artist’s teenage daughter. By simultaneously generating and exposing how the eclipse illusion is created, the video reflects on generations of human experience.
Overshadow 1 was originally commissioned by In/Future, an art project in the abandoned educational theme park of Ontario Place. It was projected on the domed ceiling of a silo to reclining viewers, transforming the space into an observatory. My daughter’s footage provided a sense of the constant flow of the present moment in contrast to the slow rotation of a 1971 image of a geodesic dome.
The video is comprised of two 15 minute “eclipses” with different footage from my daughter’s cellphone in the centre sphere. The audio score for Overshadow 1 was composed by Nik Beeson, which sampled from the optimistic musical theme for Ontario Place from 1971. Samples from this theme song were gradually buried by contemporary music fragments from the teen’s playlists.
Overshadow 1 is an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.