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6:00 PM-4:00 AM


Khan Lee

Winnipeg Arts Council


Parking Lot
Bannatyne Ave. at Rorie St.
R3B 0R5

Red, Green and Blue

Red, Green and Blue is a sculptural installation, by Vancouver-based, South Korean artist, Khan Lee that explores the artifice and wonder of manicured natural environments through a host of delicately constructed transparent cones.   Illuminated by lights in primary colour: Red, Green, and Blue, these plastic cones and their colourful looming shadows magically bend, sway and interrupt each other with the wind. As the sunsets over the Public Gardens, these delicate cone shapes transform from hand-folded plastic forms into seductive and mesmerizing blades of synthetic grass in a magical landscape.



Khan Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. He studied architecture at Hong-Ik University, before immigrating to Canada to study fine art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Through sculptural and media practices, his work attempts to exhibit results of experimentation with form and process in order to express inherent relationships between material and immaterial content. He is a founding member of the Vancouver-based artist collective Intermission and is presently a member of the Instant Coffee artist collective. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Lee lives and works in Vancouver, BC.



In my art practice, I look for moments when a subject loses its common material perception and begins to suggest other possibilities. By isolating a specific property from its function, a material can then form the foundation of a conceptual process. A simple twist of inherent values within a material primes the viewer to perceive a whole host of unforeseen interpretations or perspectives. This statement may sound vague, but it encapsulates the foundation of my work as a visual artist.


Red, Green and Blue was first installed at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2016.

Red, Green and Blue is made possible by funding from the Winnipeg Arts Council. 

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