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10:00 PM-2:00 AM


Frances Koncan

Winnipeg Arts Council


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Forth Projects
171 McDermot Ave
R3B 0S1

Riot Resist Revolt Repeat

Riot Resist Revolt Repeat is a new play by Anishinaabe playwright Frances Koncan that challenges traditional theatrical forms and endeavor to create a multi-sensory, interactive performance experience for the audience.
Written with generous support from the Manitoba Arts Council through their Emerging Playwrights Grant and their Churchill Artist Residency program.
Riot Resist Revolt Repeat is the story of a missing Indigenous woman and her sister, Iskwe, who embarks upon a quest to find out what happened to her. Living in a walled city, in a world where natural resources have almost been depleted, and water is a luxury available only to the very rich, Iskwe’s journey takes her deeper and deeper in to political turmoil as she uncovers the ultimate truth about what happened to the health of the world, and what it will take to restore balance once and for all. Focusing on themes of personal choice, identity, nature vs nurture, and the impact of oppression upon the well-being of Indigenous populations, Riot Resist Revolt Repeat is nonetheless a familiar story about growing up, and heavily inspired by fairy tales, folklore, Cree and Ojibwe legends, as well as Vladimir Propp’s
The Morphology of the Fairy Tale. However, this is not your typical play. Audience members are fully engaged in the creation and forward movement of the play. They are active participants, allies, and enemies as a story about a missing Indigenous woman unravels before them.
 Audience members are free to roam the space at their leisure, and follow the characters or stories that interest them.
They are free to participant, free to engage, free to explore, and free to make choices that will inform their experience, and even the experience of the characters within the play. They, like Iskwe, are free to choice their future. Where will they walk? Whom will they follow? What will they discover?
The performance runs on a looping structure from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. and is 1 hour in length.
Riot Resist Revolt Repeat is an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.