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10:30 PM-11:00 PM


  • Accessible


Sounding the Exchange – New Thoughts on Marching Bands 3

Explore Winnipeg’s Exchange District in new, musical ways.
Non-musicians and musicians alike are invited to join the fun and chaos.

Sounding the exchange is a musical piece written on a map instead of a musical score. The score provides inspiration for music making while allowing each participant to ad-lib the piece freely in their own way.

No skill required! This is a space for public music making that is accessible, uninhibited and fun.

Bring your own instrument, your own voice, or use the noise makers provided.

Sounding the Exchange will interpret the historic and contemporary meaning of the streets and alleyways of the Exchange district. The varied uses of the district over time are reflected in the melodies and harmonies.

Walking Map: Sounding the Exchange