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6:00 PM-4:00 AM


Brad Bamford


  • Accessible


Entegra Credit Union Disraeli Branch
121 Disraeli Freeway
R3B 2Z5


Brad Bamford’s paintings of layered and torn advertisements are presented on billboards and digital signs at several locations in the Exchange District.

The paintings are both archaeological sites, full of fragments of information, and time capsules, capturing hints of the products, interests and graphic design of the time at which they were created.

This project questions and re-imagines the place of advertising in public spaces and the urban environment.

The project will be displayed on:

  • Digital marquee at the Centennial Concert Hall (555 Main Street)
  • Digital sign at the Entegra Credit Union Disraeli Branch (121 Disraeli Freeway)
  • Outfront Media billboards at the corner of Main Street and the Disraeli Freeway.