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6:00 PM-4:00 AM


Brad Bamford


  • Beverages
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King + Bannatyne
100 King Street
R3B 0P6

Stratigraphic at King + Bannatyne

Stratigraphy: The analysis of the order and position of layers of archaeological remains.

King + Bannatyne is pleased to host a show of Brad Bamford’s paintings that form the basis of his Nuit Blanche public art project, ‘Stratigraphic.’ The paintings depict layered and torn advertising signage rendered in meticulous detail. They are both archaeological sites, full of fragments of information; as well as time capsules, capturing the interests, events and graphic design of the moment and culture they represent. These works explore the intersections of art and advertising, high and low art, permanence and impermanence, and the intended and the accidental.