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8:00 PM-2:30 AM


Madeline Rae

Talia Shaaked

Winnipeg Arts Council


  • Accessible


Art Space Alleyway
100 Arthur St
R3B 1H3

The Light Within The Tunnel

Regardless of individual life, there are material and immaterial elements to being human that we all share as a common experience: sense, movement, sound, emotion and thought. Talia Shaaked and Madeline Rae invite you to experience The Light Within the Tunnel, installed in the Artspace alleyway.

Experience and traverse through this alternate passageway of the exchange: comprised of two curtain-walls made of string and projected video. After watching and inspecting the video, the audience is invited to pass through and interact with the wall of string. Experience the fluid physicality of the curtain barriers, and bathe in the glow of the projected video.

The Light Within the Tunnel will be between Art Space Building and Red River Books alleyway.

The Light Within the Tunnel is an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.