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7:00 PM-1:00 AM


Graham Wiebe


Old Market Square
63 Albert Street
R3B 1A6

To Bloom With Brown Edges

To Bloom With Brown Edges is a new body of work by Graham Wiebe being exhibited , in the back of Patrick Klassen’s Delivery Truck, in the parking lot beside The Cube at Old Market Square.

Based on the relationship between artist and nature in a state of intoxication, To Bloom With Brown Edges was made on a short trip to Victoria BC in search of the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day party. Allowing the colour green to act as a voice of narration, St Patrick’s Day provided Wiebe with a platform to provoke, stage, and photograph the holidays immersive atmosphere. Employing the snapshot as material toward a visual memoir, the series of photographs become a record of impulse and engagement. These fragmentary and still documents weave together to highlight the intersection of the urban and suburban landscapes, creating an intimate portrait of youth culture rooted in time, place and personal experience.

Each photograph is 16″x20″, framed (glass), and will be sold for $75.
As one sells and leaves the truck with the buyer, another brand new photograph will go up in its place.