Ghost hives by Valérie Chartrand

Through the combined effects of viruses, parasites, fungi and pesticides, vanishing bees could eventually mean the end of a third of the world’s crops. The consequences of environmental manipulation and gluttony could leave us in a world of silent monochrome gardens where only the wind remains to fertilize dry grasses.

The state of apiculture is at a crossroads where a mixture of fear and alarmism is paralleled with hope, increased awareness and research. It is at this juncture that Valérie Chartrand takes the pulse and imprint of today’s bees. The imprints of bees from collapsed colonies take many forms including etching, cyanotype and photography.

Last Supper by Valérie Chartrand

An invitation to experience tastes that would no longer exist without pollination while reflecting on the possible disappearance of bees and the environmental problems caused by industrial beekeeping and agriculture.

Bites will be served in the gallery featuring the exhibition Ghost hives and a guided tour of the exhibition with the artist.

This activity can accommodate 25 people. Pre-registration is required.