From Lake Louise to Lake of the Woods

In a wonderful gallery atmosphere, the public will be introduced to the work of Cliff Swanlund and his exploration of nature from the lakes to the mountains.

There will be music and video as well as up to 40 original art pieces.

We are located next door to MAWA who will also be open and part of Nuit Blanche. We will also be showing off pieces from the clay studio, a unique and exciting part of The Edge.

Painting with Glazes at The Edge Gallery

As a certified ceramics teacher, Connie Wawruck-Hemmett loves to share her knowledge with others, both in classes and in demonstrations.

As part of the Nuit Blanche activities, she will be showing how she “paints” with underglazes and glazes on slip-cast ceramic pieces, both before and after their being fired for the first time.

Connie will also have on display some pieces which have been completed not only with glazes, but also with acrylic paints and pastel chalks, horsehair, and even peanut butter and honey!

Connie will describe how these elements have been used, welcome discussion and questions, and encourage visitors to pick up a brush and paint their own “make-and-take.”