Saturday Swing Dance at Ted Motyka Dance Studio

Here’s your chance to learn how to move your body and feet to the big band sounds of the swing era! The music and dance evolved in Harlem, New York starting in the 1920’s and is characterized by its great energy and bouncing rhythms.

There’s no pretense to looking suave or sexy, just come out and feel free to be silly and expressive.

Beginner lesson at 8pm, music at 9pm. No experience or partner necessary.

Please bring a pair of clean non-marking indoor shoes (preferably no heel, low grip) or you can dance in socks. A water bottle and small towel are also recommended.


A fun, and high energy pop-up Hip-Hop Dance class for all ages. No experience of skill necessary.

Just come and dance! My hope is that people who love to dance, but don’t have any formal training, leave this experience with a feeling of joy and excitement. Not to mention brand new dance moves to pull out at socials, clubs and tense situations!


Two dance classes!
8PM & 9PM.