Sounding the Exchange – New Thoughts on Marching Bands 3

Explore Winnipeg’s Exchange District in new, musical ways.
Non-musicians and musicians alike are invited to join the fun and chaos.

Sounding the exchange is a musical piece written on a map instead of a musical score. The score provides inspiration for music making while allowing each participant to ad-lib the piece freely in their own way.

No skill required! This is a space for public music making that is accessible, uninhibited and fun.

Bring your own instrument, your own voice, or use the noise makers provided.

Sounding the Exchange will interpret the historic and contemporary meaning of the streets and alleyways of the Exchange district. The varied uses of the district over time are reflected in the melodies and harmonies.

Walking Map: Sounding the Exchange

Selcouth: A Look Into the Upbringing of Metal Musicians

Flatlanders Studio is proud to present the art exhibition Selcouth: A Look Into the Upbringing of Winnipeg’s Metal Musicians by Amy Lee Zinn.

Selcouth goes beyond the specifics of its subjects, and touches on the broader themes of humanization, the lineage of culture, the creation of community, and the pathways and origins that usher artistic minds into creation, bound to a common interest.

The exhibition is open from Sept. 9 – Oct. 22

ÉZÈ STUDIO presents: Living Colour

ÉZÈ STUDIO is a Canada-based design and media company created by and for black artists and leaders in Canada. We share our stories, our talents and create unique content that celebrates the diversity within African cultures and black identity.

This year, at Nuit Blanche, come see the creators behind the culture in Winnipeg’s black community. Living Colour is a live cultural venue that showcases the talents of local black artists of various disciplines. Watch live musical performances, painters in action, models showing off the latest in Afro-cultural fashion and more. The night will cycle between different themed events so there’ll always be something new to see.


The interior spaces of forth will be activated with multiple video, film and projection installations in a variety of locations throughout the building. Visitors are welcome to explore from the Front Patio to Gallery in the lower level, to the Cafe on the main floor, and all the way up to the rooftop.
16mm and digital media installation – Gallery
Light and sound intermingle in temporal sculpture in this multi-media installation. The artist acts as animator, the illustrations act as composer and machines act as grandstand band. If music can trigger vision (ie. synaesthesia), can images therefore trigger the audible? Can machines – like humans – hear light and see sound? Sequences of animated lines and dots are intermittently triggered through various analog and digital mediums to create a cacophonic symphony.
16mm Installation – Gallery
Grilled onions and a slice of processed Cheddar cheese 6.49. Each layer of Winnipeg’s most treasured delicacy (the Cheese Nip) is printed onto 16mm film loops. Throughout the night each level of this Sal’s dish will be projected, deconstructing our city’s iconography.
6PM – 2AM – Rooftop Installation
Gaze upwards to witness a majestic symbol of the prairie galloping forth across Forth’s rooftop. (visible from Banatyne)
Light animation and installation by James Culleton and Michael Koch-Schulte.

Nuit Blanche @ WAG

Check out large-scale new media works presented by Video Pool, dance parties with local DJs, and INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, the WAG’s largest-ever exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art, which spans to the Gallery’s street-side with outdoor installations!