Stratigraphy: The analysis of the order and position of layers of archaeological remains.

Brad Bamford’s paintings of layered and torn advertisements are presented on billboards and digital signs at several locations in the Exchange District. The paintings are both archaeological sites, full of fragments of information; as well as time capsules, capturing the interests, events and graphic design of the moment and culture they represent.

By presenting these images in the venue of advertising media it makes the purpose of the advertising space ambiguous and hopefully causes the viewer to pause, to look at something familiar and yet unfamiliar, and to consider their environment in a new way. The Exchange District, with its history, ghost signs and ongoing urban renewal/development, is the ideal location for this work exploring ideas related to archaeology, design and the evolving nature of our consumer culture. This project questions and re-imagines the place of advertising in public spaces and the urban environment.

The project will be displayed on:

  • Digital marquee at the Centennial Concert Hall (555 Main Street)
  • Digital sign at the Entegra Credit Union Disraeli Branch (121 Disraeli Freeway)
  • Outfront Media billboards at the corner of Main Street and the Disraeli Freeway.

BIG ROCK PRESENTS: Bodegoes Party on the Patio

Visit Bodegoes during this year’s all-night contemporary art festival for a patio party in the heart of the Nuit Blanche action.

Patrons will also be able to express their creative side by contributing to the group mural on the glass paneling that surrounds the Bodegoes patio.

Painting with Glazes at The Edge Gallery

As a certified ceramics teacher, Connie Wawruck-Hemmett loves to share her knowledge with others, both in classes and in demonstrations.

As part of the Nuit Blanche activities, she will be showing how she “paints” with underglazes and glazes on slip-cast ceramic pieces, both before and after their being fired for the first time.

Connie will also have on display some pieces which have been completed not only with glazes, but also with acrylic paints and pastel chalks, horsehair, and even peanut butter and honey!

Connie will describe how these elements have been used, welcome discussion and questions, and encourage visitors to pick up a brush and paint their own “make-and-take.”