Winnipeg Nuit Blanche is committed to nurturing an inclusive atmosphere in which all event participants and community members feel comfortable and respected, without any kind of harassment.

We take pride in honoring and welcoming a broad and inclusive artistic community.

To ensure this, Winnipeg Nuit Blanche will not tolerate:

● Discrimination of people who are perceived to be unhoused.

● Racism, colonial racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, homelessness bias, addiction stigma, ageism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, lookism, and all other forms of discrimination

● Physical, verbal, or psychological abuse

● Bullying

● Sexual harassment, inappropriate comments, or unwelcome behaviors

● Disruptive or disrespectful conduct

● Creating an environment where participants or attendees feel distressed or unsafe

We recognize the importance of respecting unsheltered individuals who may be present around our event spaces. We ask all participants and attendees to treat these individuals with kindness, empathy, and respect, acknowledging their humanity and right to exist in public spaces without discrimination or harassment.

The following principles will contribute to maintaining a safer space:

● Treat individuals who are unsheltered with kindness, respect, and empathy, recognizing

their dignity and humanity.

● Respect personal space and boundaries, giving individuals including those who are unsheltered ample room to navigate public spaces without feeling crowded or threatened. Remember that public spaces are meant for everyone. Be considerate when using benches, seating areas, and walkways, allowing space for others to rest comfortably.

● If you choose to engage in conversation, do so with respect and without judgment.

● If you witness any instances of harassment, discrimination, or unsafe behavior towards individuals who are unsheltered, report them to Safe Spaces Ambassadors or security personnel.

● Demonstrate consideration for the emotional and physical limits of others.

● Prioritize seeking wholehearted consent. Clearly articulate your intentions verbally

before initiating any physical interaction.

● Hold yourself accountable for your actions, acknowledging that they can affect others, irrespective of your initial intentions.

If you have experienced or have seen a violation of this policy and need support:

At the event please look for our teams in a Blue Vest or ask for assistance from our art installation volunteers, who will connect you with support. If you have something to report outside of the event contact:

Participating in any of the events orchestrated by Winnipeg Nuit Blanche implies your commitment to comport yourself in alignment with the considerate directives elucidated in this Safer Spaces Policy.

Community Acknowledgments

This policy is a living document that will be subject to frequent evaluation. We encourage contributions from our community members.

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