September 24/2022

Sponsor Opportunities

Telus Inc. Installation “Network of Art”

at The Forks, NBW 2018

Photo: Travel Manitoba

Each year, an open call is held for Manitoban artists to propose pieces that will enhance the audience experience of Nuit Blanche Winnipeg. Projects are selected by a jury of artists and art professionals and are featured in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and the surrounding areas.

From performances, exhibitions and installations, our produced works, excite and possibly introduce Winnipeggers to something they have never seen or experienced before.

We offer tapered sponsor packages instead of the Bronze/Silver/Gold standard. Support can range from sponsoring one emerging artist, to several “Illuminate the Night” projects to partnering as a Signature Event sponsor. We ensure an honorarium for the artists as well as high-visibility outdoor locations where all audiences can access and enjoy the presentations.

For more information on sponsoring Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, please reach out too: Kurt Tittlemier, Project Manager at